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    Using fingerprint for Time and Attendance




      We are preparing migration to Peoplesoft 9.2.

      We already have a previous Time and Attendance Software using fingerprint USB scanners and Access Control (Face Recognition and fingerprint scanners) from Suprema.

      We want to keep the fingerprint devices and integrate them in Peoplesoft because the customer does not want to change all hardware.

      So globally Punch In / Punch out , Break In / Breadk out information are sent to the dedicated Suprema Oracle database with Oracle server configured as below:

      Data Source Aliasis ORCL.WORLD



      Service Name = ORCL


      To integrate the solution I just need to link this database with Peoplesoft data base or there is more simple solution?

      Is there any biometric token in Peoplesoft where I can do enrollment and manage employees credentials?

      Does anybody has already experienced the same integration with Suprema fingerprint systems?

      Or others?


      I still have time as the customer is still runing his old system and at this time we are doing the feasibility study

      I hope it is clear enough, please ask more information if needed


      Thanks for helping,