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    Bare metal OVS server




      We got two OVS 3.2.1 server [each containing 256G RAM, 32CPU, 3.4TB - bare metal storage - /dev/sdb1 and ocfs2 enabled], i want to create VM on these two OVS boxes, We installed Oracle Virtual Manager 3.2.2 on seperate box and was able to discover these two OVS servers. Can any one please provide instruction on how to discover the 2x3.4TB storage into OVM so that we can create repositories and create VM.


      Thanks in advance.

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          First of all, OVMM only discovers blank disks or LUNs. There must be nothing present on those devices, no partition, no OCFS2 volume. Secondly, if you're planning to use the clustered features, e.g. failover of VMs, then you'd need some shared storage as well.

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            Yes, /dev/sdb1 [3.4TB] is empty, /OVS/Repository/<ID>/<Subfolders> are also empty. No LUNS registered [no result when "multipath -ll" executed].' Not using Clustered features too.Please advice.

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              /dev/sdb1 indicates a partition on /dev/sdb. As I stated, this will not work. OVMM, or the ovs-agent resp., will only elect raw devices for OVM storage.

              Also, the devices need to show up under /dev/mapper, afaik.


              Can you please provide the output of df -h and ls -l /dev/mapper


              As far as the clustered/shared storage goes: dou you intend to make use of OVM's HA features? If yes, you will need some kind of shared storage. This can be anything from a iSCSI, FC to NFS. What matters is, that both of your OVMS need tobe able to access that storage simultaneously.

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                We dont need HA features, we are using simple and small environment. We dont have iSCSI/FC, I need to use local storage that was alloted on OVS for virtualization purpose. If this doesnt work, should we revert back to OVS 2.x ?


                Here it goes :


                df -h result :

                Filesystem            Size  Used Avail Use% Mounted on

                /dev/sda2              48G  2.1G   43G   5% /

                /dev/sda1             190M   28M  153M  16% /boot

                tmpfs                 2.7G     0  2.7G   0% /dev/shm


                                      3.4T   11G  3.4T   1% /OVS/Repositories/9976C8FEE50C549969A4C88A147F17790

                none                  2.7G   48K  2.7G   1% /var/lib/xenstored



                ls -l /dev/mapper/

                total 0

                crw------- 1 root root  10, 236 Apr 15 23:16 control

                brw-rw---- 1 root disk 252,   0 Apr 15 23:17 DomUVol-ovmrepo1

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                  How did the repo got there? Usually, this is performed through OVM Manager. You rarely need to mess around on the OVM servers themselves.

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                    It was already there when OVS 3.2.1 was installed. I did not mess around on the OVS servers. Only thing I did was able to discover the nodes into server pool [unassigned servers].

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                      Can you check, if the 9976C8FEE50C549969A4C88A147F17790 actually matches one of your existing repos in OVMM?

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                        I checked in OVMM, no storage is registered, this is first time we were trying to attempt to discover local storage [ previously, we had successful attempt to discover ZFS/SAN], this time, we are trying to discover local storage that comes with OVS. OVMM was installed in the seperate box.

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                          Then this must be some prior OCFS2. maybe from a test setup. Can you share the contents of /etc/ocfs2/cluster.conf?

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                            Just checked and there's no sub folder - "ocfs2" under /etc.Should i create manually?



                            When i ran this

                            $  service ocfs2 status

                            Configured OCFS2 mountpoints:  /OVS/Repositories/9976C8FEE50C549969A4C88A147F17790

                            Active OCFS2 mountpoints:  /OVS/Repositories/9976C8FEE50C549969A4C88A147F17790

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                              No, the ovs-agent would do that for you, if needed. So, if there's no data on the OCFS2 volume, you could safely destroy it and rediscover the OVMS in OVMM. Don't forget to actually wipe the start of the disk using dd, to eliminate any trace of anything that has been there before. Please check also, if /dev/sdb hasn't been partitioned. It might also be, that someone used /deb/sdb1 as a pvdisk for LVM, which is not supported as an underlying block device for OCFS2.

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                                I see this /OVS/Repositories/9976C8FEE50C549969A4C88A147F17790 is still empty, it is one LVM enabled [including one vgdisk and one pvdisk], just one /dev/sdb1 [underneath /dev/sdb and "EFI GPT"  FS type]. So, please confirm, if I can safely delete them using lvremove along with vgremove,pvremove, and re-discover OVS thru OVMM ? Otherwise please let me know the clear steps ?

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                                  I'd say, if there's nothing under /OVS/Repositories/9976C8FEE50C549969A4C88A147F17790, then it's safe do remove all of that. Just perform an

                                  umount /OVS/Repositories/9976C8FEE50C549969A4C88A147F17790

                                  and afterwards a

                                  service ocf2s stop

                                  You should then check /etc/fstab, if there's any trace of this device to be mounted at boot, which you should also remove. Then you can get rid of the LVM entirely by just reverse the process of creating the lvm by removing the lv and then the vg and lastly the pv. Then you should wipe sdb to remove the partition traces.

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                                    Okay thanks for the info, let me try and come back to you if i have any issues.

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