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    Standby database as archive logs created by SRMN and can't be deleted


      Oracle RDBMS

      Oracle NonActive Data Guard


      In my non-active dataguarded standby databases we run a weekly process to clean up the archive logs that have been shipped and applied:



      (We tried setting the archive log deletion policy to applied on standby, and it didn't work correctly because of a bug, so we do the above command).


      We have 3 standbys;  2 of them are getting their logs deleted and are happy.

      One of them has 412 rows in gv$archived_log where registrar and creator is SRMN. 

      Out of those, 10 have APPLIED=NO with a timestamp of a day that we did a DR test and this standby was made a snapshot standby and used in testing. 


      When the RMAN cleanup runs it thinks it needs these logs to be applied. 

      RMAN-08120: WARNING: archived log not deleted, not yet applied by standby

      archived log file name=+ASM_FRA_P/trptwp/archivelog/2013_05_17/thread_2_seq_1.1329.815679351 thread=2 sequence=1


      You can see that this is back in May and there have been a ton of logs applied since then - we think we are up-to-date on log applies.


      What creates these logs owned by SRMN?  Oracle docs reference it one time to say "RMAN on Standby".  At no time did we run any RMAN on the standby, it was merely a snapshot standby and then the snapshot dropped and we returned to normal.


      We deleted the logs from ASM and then did a crosscheck, and delete expired but that didn't find any.  No matter what, it says these logs can't be deleted because they haven't been applied. 


      Since it's been almost a year I'm sure we no longer need those, and I'm not clear on what they are or where they came from.


      Any insights are appreciated.



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          More information.  I was able to backtrack and discovered there are 2 sets of SRMN logs:  One set is when we did the snapshot standby,these are the problem logs and I don't know why it thinks it needs to apply those.  I did a delete force and got rid of them, they no longer existed on disk anyway.

          The other group of SRMN logs were when we had to use RMAN on the standby to rebuild the control file because after making a different size redo log and trying to remove the old ones that were unused, it just wouldn't let go of them. 


          My question is kinda answered, or at least it's cleaned up right now.