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    Can we use Source Accounting Entity Group to load data for multiple entities with one Load Rule?


      Page 79 of erpi_admin_11123200.pdf states that "Accounting entity groups are used to extract data from multiple accounting entities in a single data rule execution".  I am using standard EBS adapter to load data into an HFM app, I have created an Entity Group consisting of multiple accounting entities, but I cannot find a place in FDMEE where you get to select/use that group.. When you define an import format you type in the name and select Source System (e,g. EBS)  The you can either select Source Adapter (e.g. EBS11 i Adapter) or Accounting Entity (this is what I select to be able to define Data Load Mappings), but not both.  Note that there is no place to select Accounting Entity Group...  Location has Check Entity Group drop-down but it doe not have my Accounting Entity Group which I believe is a different thing anyway.. and creating a Location and pointing to an import format with selected Source Adapter does not do any good either.. I am confused, so is there a way to load data for multiple accounting entities in one Load Rule or am I misreading the documentation??  Thank you in advance.