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    BPEL Email Notification issue




      My present code sends email to the user with all details as shown below.


      Message: The following "Account Coding" task requires your attention:

      Supplier Name: DELL Computers

      Invoice Number: 334829IN23

      Invoice Date: 04/10/2014

      Invoice Amount: $2000.00


      And the Notificatio body code for this is

      Message: The following "Request for Information" task requires your



      Supplier Name : <%/task:task/task:payload/task:supplierName%>



      Invoice Number : <%/task:task/task:payload/task:invoiceNumber%>



      Invoice Date : <%/task:task/task:payload/task:axf_InvoiceTransaction/ns2:Header/ns2:INVOICE_DATE%>



      Invoice Amount : <%/task:task/task:payload/task:axf_InvoiceTransaction/ns2:Header/ns2:INVOICE_AMOUNT%>




      Now the problem is I want to add comma if the Invoice Amount is in thousand, for example Invoice Amount as $2,000.00.

      I am not understanding how to do this, can anyone please suggest on this?