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    ECO Alert


      Hello friends,


      Did anyone of you implemented ECO Approval alert?


      I am trying to configure the out of the box alert and also I took the advise from developer. however, after doing so many iterations, we still dont receive the alert when I hit submit button for approval?


      Please advise.




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          Can I have any input on this Issue?

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            Munawar Hasan Khan

            Hi Manoj,

            follow the given steps to generate an Alert for ECO Approval.


            Lab 15 -

            ECO Alerts and Approval Notifications

            This lab illustrates how to use Oracle Alerts to send ECO approval notifications.

            1. Create an HR employee for yourself and associate with your application user name. Your user account must be associated with a valid HR employee account in order to use alerts and workflow. The employee record must also have a valid email address. You want to create your own unique employee record since associating 2 apps user names to the same employee record can cause problems in workflow. Use the following to do this if you have not already done so. You will need the “Human Resources, Vision Enterprises” responsibility.

            a. Create the HR employee record (N) Human Resources, Vision Enterprises > People > Enter and Maintain Click the New button Enter:

            Last Name (Your last name) First Name (Your first name) Gender (Choose) Birth Date Social Security (enter any numbers using the format XXX-XX-XXXX) Action = Create Employment Person Type or Action = Employee

            Click the Office Details tab

            Enter your Oracle email address in the Email field

            Save Click the Assignment button


            Organization = Vision Operations (Click the “Correct” button if prompted) Job = MGR500.MANAGER


            b. Associate the HR employee record with your application user account (N) System Administrator > Security > User > Define Query your user name Place your cursor in the Person field and use the LOV to find and choose your HR employee record. Confirm that the E-Mail gets populated with the email address you defined in HR. Save.

            2. Add the Alert Manager responsibility to your current user. (N) System Administrator > Security > User > Define Query your user. Add the responsibility: Alert Manager, Vision Enterprises. Save.

            3. Create an Approval List (N) Engineering > Setup > Approval Lists Enter unique name for the approval list, ###-List Enter description, ### Approval List Enter Sequence = 10 Enter your Employee Name <Last Name%> to query for the name> Save

            4. Create an ECO for item xx-2010 to increase the quantity for item xx-3040 to a quantity of 25 (N) Engineering > ECOs > ECOs If no organization has been set, choose the M1 - Seattle Manufacturing organization. With the cursor in the ECO field, tab to accept the ECO auto number. Set ECO Type to Prod Chg (Product change). Tab out of the ECO Type field and the creation date will populate and the Status will default to ‘Open’. Enter your user name as the Requestor Note: Requestor is a required field when using the ECO Approval alert. If one is not entered, the Alert will not be sent.