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    Error in lesson 3 quiz




      There is a question in the lesson 3 quiz which begins with "There are two techniques for reading data from the UART, ..."


      Should that question begin with "There are two techniques for reading data from the GPS, ..."?



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          Hi Ana


          In my opinion, the question is asked correctly. The reason is because UART is made available in the RPi that can be accessed via the GPIO pins and the examiner wants to ask how UART can be accessed via Java ME (not a specific module attached to the UART). So, in order to read data from the UART, Java ME provides 2 classes namely CommConnection and UART which we can use to instantiate objects in order to access what is connected to the UART, and in our case the GPS module (hence the confusion).


          However, if it had been corrected to GPS like you suggested, then the answer would have been something of a physical nature, such as using a USB to Serial TTL cable or GPIO pins via cobbler (see homework 3).


          Hope this makes sense?

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            Markus KARG

            While I agree with your answer I wonder whether it is fair to others that you provide the actual answer to a quiz question while the quit itself still is open?

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              You will realize the answer given here is not the actual answer to the quiz, at least not in detail to the actual answers given in the quiz so its not going to help them much. The details given here is a skim of practical knowledge which for people doing the course on time should know by now from doing the pracs, otherwise whats stopping them from looking at the video in case they got a hint from the quiz?