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    Position occupancy


      Hi all,


      i need to write a query to extract when a particular position was assigned to a individual. Can ne1 help me on this..

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          Per_all_assignments_f - column POSITION_ID tells information about position that the person hold. Query this table using PERSON_ID of an individual




          In Per_positions - query the column NAME by passing Postion_ID that you get from Per_all_assignments_f


          Hope this info will be useful to you.

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            Lynn Waters-Oracle

            Some additional information on the tables used...

            HR_ALL_POSITIONS_F is a datetracked tables holding details of the position definition.

            The actual segment values are held in table PER_POSITION_DEFINITIONS which has a column for each segment value.

            The 2 tables are joined with column POSITION_DEFINITION_ID.