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    Week 3, Homework Step 4 - RecorderMidlet note


      I'm not sure how detailed the course instructors and/or creators want to be, but a note that could be added to the homework is below in BLUE:


      Part 4: Storing data from the GPS in the RMS

      • Copy GPSTestMidlet to a new Midlet class, RecorderMidlet.
        • In the startApp method, create an instance of RMSPersistentStore with the store name "gps-data".
        • In the for loop, save the position and velocity data as a combined message into the RMS store.
        • Remember to add the new Midlet to the Application Properties --> Application Descriptor (it's not done automatically when copying a class)


      Not a big deal because it doesn't take long to fix, but something to consider.


      Brent S