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    My Exam 1Z0-899


      Dear Certification Officials, Brandye:


      I wrote my 1Z0-899 Exam on April 17th.  I was just wondering if it would be possible to double-check if my exam mark has been correctly issued?  I usually get a good sense of my performance during exam and during that last exam I thought I would get at least 70% because vast majority of questions I thought I answered correctly.  Unlike my first attempt when I knew I didn't make it right away even before seeing the score.


      The reason why I ask about double-checking my exam score is because, I think, there seemed to be a strange glitch on one of the questions.  One of the questions was of this format (I think it was one of the last ones):


      i) ...

      ii) ..

      iii) ..

      iV) ..

      V) ..


      And which of these are correct.


      ii) and iii)

      ii), iii), iV)


      Option i) was among the correct choices to the question (I don't remember the question but remember that option i), ii) and iii) should be correct), but i) was also correct but was not among the list of choices.  So, it would have been impossible to answer this question correctly because it would not have been correct without option i) being among the choices.  Which it was not.  So, if this was an exam-related error, perhaps there are other exam-related errors and hence my score needs to be re-evaluated?


      P.S. just to add that I was specifically looking for option i) among the multiple-choice options because it seemed to be a mandatory part to that question, but option i) was not there.


      Thank you kindly,


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          Matthew Morris



          I'm not much on Java, so cant speak to the contents of this particular test.  However, a bit of research indicates that it came out in late 2011. I won't go so far as to say that it is impossible that flaws in exam questions have gone unreported for over two years. However, I will note that it is extremely unlikely that this exam contains sufficient flaws to make a material effect on your score.


          Brandye will have to respond regarding rechecking your score.  However, unless you can provide more details about the question you describe above, I don't think much can be done. It's also not clear what you want them to do on the other questions of the exam.  The question and answer lists are not built dynamically for each test-taker.  There is a bank of questions and their associated answers. Any time a particular question is pulled for a given exam session, it contains the same set of answers that every other person would see. A given question and answer set is either flawed for everyone or flawed for no one. You would not be getting a different set of answers for any given question than others have seen on this exam.


          If you can provide enough information to identify a particular question and why you feel the answers were not valid, the testing team can (and will) investigate it. However, it is self-evident that they cannot double-check every question in the exam for no other reason than that you feel that your score should have been higher.

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            Hi Matthew,


            Unfortunately, I did not record the wording of the question  I am certain, however, that this question appeared among the last questions on the exam.  Since there were 57 questions, this question was definitely in the 50's and it's really easy to spot missing option i) there, which I think is one of the correct choices.  The question was exactly of the format I shown above so it should be really easy to find it just by going backwards from the last question.




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              Matthew Morris



              My understanding of the way the exam engine works is that it picks questions from the exam bank *as* the test is running.  That is to say, question number 43 on your exam could be question 14 for a second exam taker and question 22 for a third.  What you have provided is extremely vague since it mentions nothing at all about the question being asked.  You have simply described a multiple-answer question.  Probably better than half the questions on the exam are multiple-answer.  That said, Brandye is the one to provide a definitive answer on what is and is not possible.

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                Hi Mathew,


                So, you don't have a record of all the questions I answered for that particular exam? 



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                  Matthew Morris

                  So, you don't have a record of all the questions I answered for that particular exam? 


                  'I' don't have anything.  I am not an Oracle employee (any more at least). Whether Oracle can access your exam questions in the order you answered them, I cannot say.  From my knowledge of how most testing engines work, I strongly suspect that the order changes for each exam taker, which means that they almost certainly are able to access the questions from your exam, they may not be able to scan through the last ten of fifteen questions looking for a vague pattern of answers linked to an indeterminate question.


                  What I suggested in my first post is that you should not hold much hope that much will come of your request.  You have not supplied sufficient information about even the one question to easily identify it. However, based on your belief that the one question that you can't recall any details about might be flawed, you think that other questions on the exam might be flawed as well.


                  Once again I suggest that you wait for Brandye's input.

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                    Brandye Barrington-Oracle


                    I would suggest that you submit this to the Oracle Certification Support team Oracle University - Support Form. It is difficult in this forum to get the detailed information needed to check on this. You will be able to provide your personal information in the support request form and the team will be able to address your issue specifically. It would definitely be helpful if you could remember the gist of the question. This will help them to identify the specific item in question to send over to the exam reviewers.



                    Brandye Barrington

                    Certification Forum Moderator

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                      Victor, I don't know if you will get the answer you want from the Oracle certification people on this. However, I can explain why it is unlikely that your "glitch" occurred.

                      I worked for Oracle Corp for many years. During that time, I was invited to join the panel that validates OCP questions. This was, of course, voluntary, unpaid, out-of-hours, work. The volunteers were given sets of many questions to go through, making comments. I did this for numerous exams. If I thought that anything was badly worded or that the answers were not right, I said so and suggested improvements.

                      I have also done any number of exams (for 10g, 11g, and 12c) while they were in beta. You pay a much reduced fee, do zillions of questions instead of just a few dozen, and are expected to make comments. Believe me, if I thought any of the questions were imprecise, I said so. I'm sure others did, too.

                      Assuming that the process has not changed, that it is the same for the Java exam you did, that many people validate the questions internally, and that many more do the beta program, it is highly unlikely that a mistake such as that you describe would get through. But I suppose it is possible. So, good luck with your appeal, but probably best not to be too hopeful.


                      John Watson

                      Oracle Certified Master DBA