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    Unable to pass item value within message to APEX.CONFIRM


      Using APEX 4.2


      I have created a botton with action set to redirect to URL.  In the url target I am calling the APEX.CONFIRM function where I want to use a variable in the string to the function.  Here I have


      javascript:{if (confirm("Notification will be sent to " + $v("p3_tot_emps") + " employees.  Do you want to continue?")) doSubmit('SUBMIT_EMAIL');}


      All that is displayed is "Notification will be sent to  . Do ou want to continue""  The value for p3_tot_emps is not displayed.  FYI  - p3_tot_emps is text and I can display the value as an item on the page so I know it is populated (and I've also tried other items to test.  No luck.


      Any idea what I'm doing wrong?  Or other ways to do this without custom java as I'm definitely not a java coder.


      Thanks in advance,