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    javax.microedition.io.file.FileConnection JavaDoc?


      I'm looking for the JavaDoc on the following class:  javax.microedition.io.file.FileConnection


      I've searched the JavaDoc for the GCF at the link below.  There are no entries for FileConnection, nor javax.microedition.io.file for that matter. 

      Generic Connection Framework, Version 8 (b75)


      Based on this link to the docs at Blackberry, the javax.microedition.io.file.FileConnection used to be generated with the JavaDocs (ages ago perhaps, but still seems the JavaDoc has a bug)

      FileConnection (BlackBerry JDE 7.1.0 API Reference)


      If you happen to know where the CURRENT package and class are documented, I'd be grateful for the tip!


      Brent S