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    Remote deployment failed


      Hi all,

      I'm trying to deploy a page on a local-host but throws me the following error:


      [11:46:31 AM] ----  Deployment started.  ----

      [11:46:31 AM] Target platform is  (Weblogic 10.3).

      [11:46:32 AM] Retrieving existing application information

      [11:46:32 AM] Running dependency analysis...

      [11:46:32 AM] Building...

      [11:46:32 AM] Deploying 3 profiles...

      [11:46:32 AM] Wrote Web Application Module to C:\JDeveloper\mywork\Model\WebService\deploy\eRestDept.war

      [11:46:32 AM] Wrote EJB Module to C:\JDeveloper\mywork\Model\WebService\deploy\ejbRestjar.jar

      [11:46:32 AM] Wrote Enterprise Application Module to C:\JDeveloper\mywork\Model\deploy\eRestService.ear

      [11:46:32 AM] Deploying Application...

      [11:46:33 AM] [Deployer:149193]Operation 'deploy' on application 'eRestService' has failed on 'DefaultServer'

      [11:46:33 AM] [Deployer:149034]An exception occurred for task [Deployer:149026]deploy application eRestService on DefaultServer.: Failed to load webapp: 'Model-WebService-context-root'.

      [11:46:33 AM] Weblogic Server Exception: weblogic.application.ModuleException: Failed to load webapp: 'Model-WebService-context-root'

      [11:46:33 AM] Caused by: java.lang.ClassNotFoundException: com.sun.jersey.spi.container.servlet.ServletContainer

      [11:46:33 AM]   See server logs or server console for more details.

      [11:46:33 AM] weblogic.application.ModuleException: Failed to load webapp: 'Model-WebService-context-root'

      [11:46:33 AM] Deployment cancelled.

      [11:46:33 AM] ----  Deployment incomplete  ----.

      [11:46:33 AM] Remote deployment failed (oracle.jdevimpl.deploy.common.Jsr88RemoteDeployer)