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    How we can identfiy session gets expiered and redirect to home page.

    Sruthi Tamiri

      Hi All,


        We have received below error mesage in our application, so when we had analyzed that we found that this could be problem with


      Error mesage stats that -"Redirecting to Login Server for authenticatin...<HTML><BODY onLoad="document.LoginForm.submit();">


      Message says redirecting to login server – which may happen when login expired or explicit logout.

      1) The application pages in two tabs/windows and logged out in one window.

      2)Two instances of same application. Once they open the same application another time, first instance is automatically logged out.


      Deatils & versions of our application.

      Apex Appilcation #3.2

      IE #8



      Our requiremnet is


      1. It was developed in auto complete uisng JQuery.

      2. When we open in two different tabs and one is loged out and another tab is opened in such case we can see the error since same seesion has been used.

      3. In such scenrios, how we can redirect to home login page or how we can avoid that error meesage to displayed .