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    Calculation Manager set variables

    Pedro Soares

      Is it possible to give values to a substitution variable on a Calculation Manager script?


      Thank you

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          You can't set a subvar from within a calculation (partly because of scope - what would happen if two users ran the same script at the same time setting different values?), but in you have runtime substitution variables that you might be able to use.


          Could you describe in a little more detail what you're trying to do?

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            Pedro Soares

            Ok thanks, well what I wanted to do was to create a rule where users would choose a year and version and then I would use the selected members and attribute them into variables. It's mostly to control the variables value through a business rule, without having to go to Administration > Manage > Variables and inserting a value that doesn't correspond to a dimension member.

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              Have you tried using the User Variables?

              and assign a calculation manager variable to a user variable to pick up the value?

              As user variables are specific to a user.


              I am not really sure if this works that way




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