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    Upgrading: or




      Linux 5.10 & Windows 2003

      Oracle 10g

      Here is my concern or should I say problem?

      I have started my upgrade process. I have upgraded all my test and development environments to Oracle from and developers are currently carrying on testing for all of our application (most of them legacy).

      While doing some research and waiting for the test to complete, I realized that I could upgrade to instead of


      I know it will be in my interest to upgrade to, considering I don't have to upgrade in the next 2 years or more.

      My concern/question is can I directly upgrade my prooduction to even though I did not test base on it?

      NOTE: Our production environment is very delicate, payroll and HRM information are includded and so I need to really take all the maximum precuation to cut down down time.


      Thanks for your input,


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          Srini Chavali-Oracle

          If you have conducted all of your testing on, then that is the version you should target for production also. Performing a production upgrade that is different than all of your other upgrades is not recommended

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            For a production database, it is a must to first test any changes which will be applied on it, so it is not recommended to go directly to


            For any technical query or upgrade path, you may refer to below article -


            837570.1 - Complete Checklist for Manual Upgrades to 11gR2





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              Ratnesh Kumar Roy



              If you are going for upgrade, then first you have to choose how do u want to upgrade

              1. using dbua

              2. using catupgrd script




              But in both situations, i would recommend you to first run the preugrade tool to check the prerequisites



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                In my opinion, either:


                - You have an upgrade to, which is tested (?) and working. On those test-environments, you can ADD an upgrade from to

                But, to know that this one works, you need to have enough time after doing this upgrade and before you start anything on production.

                And, the idea is to NOT mix both upgrades, since a combined upgrade is what you've never tested (see below)


                - Don't change the upgrade at all, and patch production to


                - Clone all non-production environments (from production) back to 10g, and run an upgrade on all and each, and allow AT LEAST the same time for testing and debugging on non-production, as you have let the testing being done already.


                Other options are dangerous (untested)