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    Filter/Clear unwanted record after query in Oracle Forms 6i


      Oracle Forms Version :

      Oracle Database :  Oracle9i

      I have a search form with two tabs in the result area.

      The search block name is : CONTROL

      The result Block names are : TPR and BHR.

      In the BHR Block , one of the database item BHR_CALCULATED_QTY value is re-calculated in the POST-QUERY and committed , because requirement is to have it refreshed every time during the query operation.

      Also , to improve performance , I have set the QUERY ALL RECORDS to NO and QUERY ARRAY SIZE to 10.

      Now , user ONLY wants to see the records where the  BHR_CALCULATED_QTY > 0.  So the rest needs to be CLEARed after the query is complete. I cannot write a loop over the block and clear the record one by one , else it will not obey my QUERY ARRAY rule and instead it will run the loop over all the records of the block. This will hamper the form performance badly.

      Need your help to

      1) Search for unwanted records (nvl(BHR_CALCULATED_QTY) <= 0) after query and clear them , but only in the fetched records. As soon as the user scroll down to load other records , the same operation should again clear the unwanted record.


      2) To find an alternate way to implement this.

      Thanks for your help,

      Deep Vora