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    OpenScript Recording Issues because of Proxy - localhost 7777




      I am trying to record a Web/Http Script in Openscript.


      While recording, the script is stuck during pop-up and ajax calls, when some other link is clicked the stuck pop-up and ajax data is loaded and redirected to the clicked link.


      This is due to the proxy that OpenScript Uses, I have tried setting some other proxy server in the Openscript Recording Preferences, but to no avail.


      Either the Application will work fine but Openscript will not record anything OR will not be able to browse the application at all, the browser is stuck.


      Overall am able to record the other screens with Openscript default proxy settings for the same web application but when it comes to ajax calls and pop-up, the browser is stuck processing and nothing is recorded for that step, until we navigate to some other page/screen.


      Have tried various settings in OpenScript Preferences, but nothing seems to work.


      Open Script is installed on Windows 7 and IE 8, XSS filter is disabled for all zones under custom level security settings in IE.


      Please suggest, any proxy settings that I can use, I have tried various settings be it Chain Proxy with browser's proxy or Chain proxy with proxy server with and without authentication...etc....


      Please Suggest, what am I doing wrong or probably missing out on.


      Thanks in Advance.