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    "RMAN-08137: archived log not deleted, needed ..." even when DG disabled/cancelled


      Hello everybody,

      I dropped a standby database 2 days ago (really dropped it, with DROP DB statement),

      after I had disabled DataGuard broker on both the primary and its standby (set dg_broker_start

      parameter to false).


      Since then when backing up the primary DB or its archives (and then trying to delete them),

      I constantly get

      RMAN-08137: WARNING: archived log not deleted, needed for standby or upstream capture process

      and RMAN does not get rid of my archive logs.


      I thought it was enough to disable dg_broker_start in order to have RMAN delete my archived logs

      for good, but obviously it is not: what extra op should I carry out ? How can you manage to have

      an ex-primary DB to completely 'forget' and 'ignore' it's been a primary earlier, like if it never has ?


      Thanks in advance.