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    Customize template of RTF report



      Can I customize a template of RTF report ?


      In particulary, I want hide some information, for example DomainName, Formula, Secury and Abbreviation.




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          Philip Stoyanov-Oracle

          Hi Rinaldo,


          there are 2 types of reports in Data Modeler - 1) Predefined (called Standard in the UI) and 2) Custom

          The only customization for Predefined reports is possibility to exclude some sections of the reports.

          Custom reports allow you to select what exactly to be included into report. Data Modeler comes with initial templates for some of object types - they are just examples you can remove or change them to fit to your needs.

          RTF output format is not supported in custom reports - you have HTML, PDF and Excel there.



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            Thank Philips,


            I think that type 1 (Predefined/Standard) is this in SQLDeveloper-->File-->Data modeler-->Report


            But where is type 2 (Custom reports) ?