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    id3 problem


      I am trying to write the id3 tags using mp3agic library. The problem is it does not update the id3 tags for the mp3 files which already contains id3 tags but it only updates the file that have id3 tags which are empty.


      When i look at the newly created files, they contains the older tags. Then i wrote a script to access id3 tags through mp3agic




      then it was showing updated tags.


      Why it is showing updated tags even if they are not really updated in folder where i visits ?



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          This is really a library specific question.  Thus it would be posted to the forum for that.

          And it probably requires a small code example to demonstrate the problem as well.


          But your basic problem seems to be

          1. You 'wrote' a file

          2. You 'looked' at the file and it wasn't 'right'

          3. You wrote code to 'read' the file and it was 'right' there.


          Everything quoted in the above is an assumption. (There are others as well.)  Examining your assumptions might demonstrate the problem (for example you did not in fact write the file or didn't write it where you think you did.)