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    How to install Grid Infrastructure without ASM disks




      i'd like to install "Grid Infrastructure" for ASM on a host designed for Disaster Recovery.


      The primary site based on a cluster 11gr2 with 2 nodes.

      The ASM disks are replicated by a storage solution, to the recovery site.


      I have to prepare the host on the recovery site, but at this time, there are no ASM disks configured (as the disks are presented to the primary hosts)


      The "Install and configure Grid Infrastructure for a standalone server" requires an available ASM disk for creating a first diskgroup.

      => so it is not suitable for this purpose.


      What about the option : "Install Grid Infrastructure Software only" ?


      I've found informations on how to configure Oracle Restart, but nothing on how to configure ASM ?

      => Do i need to configure something for ASM ?

      => Will the config.sh GUI ask for an available asm disk too ?


      Who knows how to do this ?