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    Basic Workspace question : Viewing all processes for an application?

    Tali Vakarian

      Hi, my team is in the process of getting familiar with Oracle BPM, so sorry if the answer to this is extremely obvious or if I'm using the wrong vocabulary. I have not been able to find a direct answer using documentation or from messing around with the workspace yet.

      We were having trouble finding a way to display ALL processes for an application as an administrator. For example, say we have the TravelExpenseApplication project/application that was used in the demo that was provided to us. As the employee submitting the request, I can see all the requests I have submitted, and as the manager who approves the requests, I can see all the requests I have been assigned. But we want another person, department_head for example, to be able to be able to see a list of all requests ever submitted (no matter if they are in progress, completed, assigned, etc.), even if the department head was never actually directly involved in any of these processes. Is there a simple way to do this?


      Also, in general, is there a way to view someone else's worklist given that you have administrative / managerial permissions? How would this be done?


      Thank you!