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    Cannot see Accrual and Charge Accounting entries for Expense POs




      We are creating Purchase Orders using Non Catalog Requests in Iprocurement. This creates Standard Purchase Orders in Oracle which do not have an inventory item and are used to capture the indirect expenses in the Organization. Once we receive the Purchase orders, we can see the Receive and Deliver transactions from View Receiving Transactions screen in Oracle. But on going to View>>Accounting, it only shows the Inventory Receiving Account as Debit and Credit against the Receive and Deliver transactions, it does not show the Charge Account and the Accrual Account. 


      In the Purchasing Options, the Accrue Expense Items setup is 'At Receipt. This problem happens with only one Inventory Org where we are doing the Expense Item receiving. For other Inventory Orgs, on receiving the PO for Expense, we can see the Charge and Accrual accounting. Please suggest if there is any setup that we might be missing.