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    Upgrade from BI Apps 7.9.x to BI Apps - Now an valid option


      P3 Solutions, an Oracle Gold Partner released an upgrade adapter for existing 7.9.6.x customers to upgrade to BI Apps release.


      Benefits of the upgrade approach include:


      - Customers will retain their current data warehouse, even historical snapshots and SCD "Slowly Changing Dimension” data

      - Customers will retain their existing customizations

      - Migration from Informatica to ODI ELT technology

      - Ability to take advantage of new BI Apps application modules (FA, Budgetary Controls , Service Analytics, Sourcing etc.)

      - Stay with Oracle's future BI application release cycle

      Oracle Product Management have stated the following regarding OBI Applications upgrade in their document Doc ID: 1559666.1


      1. All BI Applications licenses will work without a license migration. For example if you have a license to Financial Analytics they can use it with either Informatica/OBI Applications version or the ODI version


      2. A migration option should be made available in the next couple of weeks for customers that want to migrate Informatica OEM licenses to ODI. There is no cost to this migration but is is only applicable if the you have purchased the Informatica license directly from Oracle.


      3. The OBI Applications does not provide for any technical migrations or data movement so a customer needs to start from scratch. Oracle plans to have an upgrade to OBI Applications for installed base customers within the next 12 months.


      You can reach P3 Solutions at upgradebiapps@p3si.net