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    Event script Issue after migrated to from (AftExportToDat)


      Hi All,


      We have upgraded the FDM application from to


      Just we have migrated the Event Script from to But when we are trying to export the data into HFM we are getting issue in AftExportToDat event script is type mismatch "dblamt" as we don't have any issue in existing production for the same script.



      We don t have any issues on GL_HFM_Extract files because we have successfully imported into FDQM and validated against with FDM mapping ( we dont have any issues up to this step). When we click on Export ( Export to HFM) , FDM only will create the data file (which is the format of HFM) based on the FDM Mapping thereafter Event script will be executed by using the HFM data file.


      There is no import data file issue( which will come from GL).


      As my understand if standard FDM function is working fine then it will work in the script also. More over there is no script code changes in (FDM _Admin). The same script is working fine in existing test and Production not in New dev.