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    EBS 12.2 Linux install without X


      Is it possible to install EBS 12.2 on Linux without an X window?  I am trying to install it on a server as a proof of concept and that server has very slow disks, so the entire install takes over 10 hours.  As the installer displays to an X window I need to keep that connection running for the entire installation process and this is proving difficult, so I would like to perform a silent install if possible.  I have tried -silent and that still displays the progress window,  I have tried both the -silent and -progress_only as suggested by the help and that is rejected as they are mutually exclusive,  Just using -progress_only displays all of the configuration windows, so is no use.  Should I look at headless installation?  Would that prevent me from using a GUI when I wanted one?


      Any help would be gratefully received.