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    Data difference b/w entity and alternate entity



      We have some data difference b/w the existing entity "X" and the alternate hierarchy created for X.So we loaded the actual's and getting the difference b/w these two entities for every year.So could you let me know what would be the issue.


      EPM and loading data from FDM in to HFM through a sql script.



      Please give me suggestion's it is very urgent

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          Thanos A.

          Hi Srinivas,


          There are multiple reasons that an alternate hierarchy can have different results from the primary one. It can be the ownership %, the default currency of each hierarchy, a missing common entity between the two hierarchies or even a rule that is triggered only for the primary hierarchy. It is not possible to get this answer for such a generic question from a forum, so I would suggest to discuss your issues with a HFM consultant.


          Maybe someone else in the forum can understand more...


          Kind regards,



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            Thanks for your suggestions so please let me know any wrong I did

            The things what I did so far


            1.Selected one period  in fdm POV and selected target HFM app

            2.imported the data file through sql query[Do I need to check this script anything related to this script for data variance] and ran successfully, Imported and validated and exported successfully

            3.Now In HFM when I select Jan 14 I can able to see the data for Original Entity and Alternate Entity with difference.


            What are the things I should perform in HFM  to get same data after exported the data from FDM and If I select Entity currency Under Value dimension  I can see the data but when I select Parent the data is Invalid for that Alternate hierarchy.Could you tell me what is the exact process I need to do IF I got this requirement

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              When I used to load the data from FDM Except one year every year data has synchronized.So could any one suggest where would be the issu'e like I need to close the actual's so except that year even 2 period's are same in that year when I retrieved the data through Smartview from HFM.Is there any property I need to check like why I am not able to see the same data for that particular period's in that year.


              it's very urgent requirement..


              I would appreciate for the solution