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    How to export model to xls (xlsx) file?

      Oracle SQL Developer Data Modeleroracle.datamodeler4.0.0.833Fully Loaded23153749153772



      How to export models to xls (xlsx) files which could then be used to "Update model with previously exported XLS (XLSX) file"

      This choice can be found with right mouse click on relation design in the Designs --> Relational Models,


      Both alternatives of DataModeler installs have the same list of choices:

      SqlDeveloper --> DataModeler --> File --> Export

      DataModeler --> File --> Export


           To Data Modeller Design

           DDL File

           Cube Views Metadata

           To Microsoft XMLA

           To Oracle AW

           To CSV

           To Reporting Schema


      But can't figure out how to e.g. modify and use the CSV files exported in such way that they could be used to update the model.



      rgrds Paavo