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    Vendor Rating system in Oracle


      Hi All,

      Need your suggestions on designing a vendor rating system for my client.

      I had designed a vendor rating system (on 11.5.10) using the standard purchasing tables with 4 weighted average criteria.

      1. Delivery rating: based on how much qty and when it was delivered

      2.Price rating: Based on standard cost/ lowest cost for product

      3.Quality rating: Based on rejected vs accepted qty

      4. Service rating: based on Buyer/QA inputs

      This was a custom report that we built.


      I am curious if there is any standard product/ function in R12.1.3, that makes the job easy. Any pointers shall be highly appreciated.




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          Kabeer Khan
          • From R12i onwards, Oracle has introduced vendor specific modules such as Oracle Supplier Life Cycle Management (SLM) and Supplier Hub (SH). You may want to use SLM to maintain the "4 weighted average criteria" and store it against each vendor in something called as User Defined Attributes (UDA's).
          • The concept of UDA's are pretty much similar to Descriptive Flexfields (DFF's) of R11.5.10, but unlike DFF's you can define any number of fields (similar to DFF's segments) using UDA's.
          • You can as well use the values stored in UDA's to perform Supplier Performance Evaluation (SPE) and Supplier Performance Management (SPM) later to measure supplier's past performance and then report it under OBIEE dashboards (through integration).
          • Refer to R12.2 Oracle Supplier Management Implementation and Administration Guide (part# E48850-02) here - http://docs.oracle.com/cd/E51111_01/current/acrobat/122pohig.pdf


          Hope the above helps.


          Kabeer Khan