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    Static File Upload Problems


      Would there be any specific reason why I would have to upload the same javascript STATIC FILE 3 or 4 times before the changes are actually implemented in the application?


      It's almost like the old file is cached or when the file is deleted it takes the application a couple times for it to notice/implement the new file.


      APEX: 4.0.2


      SERVER: Oracle-Application-Server-10g/ Oracle-HTTP-Server



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          Caching by the database server?  I would suggest instead to load them to the app server to a mapped folder for your custom files for your APEX installation..


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            Or try force refresh your browser (ctrl-f5)

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              Clear cache of your web browser being used.



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                What do you mean by mapped folder in the app server. Is that not what the "static files" in the shared components is?


                I've tried the refresh options and neither worked.


                Is there another place the file could be stored that it is being called from?

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                The reason I ask that is because when I delete the JS file from the static files, the applications are still able to call functions from that file.

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                It is being called when the user clicks the "submit" button, they are redirected to a URL and the URL is:



                I reverted my application back to the origional when it worked before and reverted the JS file back to the origional and now one of my applications doesn't submit. I'm hoping that there is somewhere else the function is being called from.





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                  I think i've figured out the problem, but don't know why it happened.


                  When I queried the WWV_FLOW_FILE_OBJECTS$ and searched for my file, there were 5 instances of it.

                  When I deleted all but 1 instance, everything worked again.


                  Any idea why the old file wasn't fully deleted when I clicked to delete it from the static files?