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    VRML  It should NOT be dead - but the foundation of todays 3d!!!!

    MyKel D.

      It is only my opinion but hey; everyone has got one. Started learning VRML back in 2009, since then have struggled to gain information, and when in finding a source, they either  have it in secret spots or want $500 to share this Knowledge. Have tried my darndest to include all my efforts in VRML97 in Javafx - even tried my hand at raw java3d and the awt. To my very surprize it lacks the finesss and the RAW POWER that VRML 97 offers. Now am leaning towards this new JavaFX3D. have made some progress, and am looking forward to the challenge of writting all the movements. Oh My after 3hrs and a text editor and Floppy's VRML Site, wow the 3d scene produced was 1,000 better than the 30 hrs i have spent getting a sphere and box in javafx.

      The main anger issue I have besides the total lack of respect for the powerhouse 3D language, is the fact that in java3d, only "loaders" that read vrml files and converted them to java3d stacks, and NOT actual vrml parsers.

      My game would be on the making money stage instead of only in its beginning stage with a ton of work still to do  "IF ONLY I COULD PUT VRML INTO MY PROJECT" -  wow for future thinkers, wow what a mistake NOT to utilize the existance of such.  There is I will admit alot of good 3d evironments out there and the industry has not sufferd by not reguarding vrml as "a valid" 3D.  The few problems with the text format of the files is easily remedied by a good encryption scheme. The very fact- that there is NO 'node' :

      vrmlView myvrmlView = new vrmlView();  is appauling- let alone no way to put the existing VRML Plugins for web browser attached to WebView. well...  Hmm had better go.