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    Problem with db/server connection in a cluster configuration on WebLogic Application Server


      Hi to all,


      maybe someone here has already encountered this problem. I want to deploy and run my application on a cluster configuration (with 2 servers) on WebLogic. All datasources seem to be configured properly, the application is deployed correctly and it's working properly unless a sql request is made to a specific java class (DataGridService) that manages the grid search results.



      It shows the following error:


      MDatagrid: query: select * from xxxxxx WHERE (xxxx){"success":false,"id":"","messageType":"ERROR","messageFunction":"Error Sql","messageDescription":"java.lang.ClassCastException: weblogic.jdbc.rmi.SerialConnection_weblogic_jdbc_rmi_internal_ConnectionImpl_weblogic_jdbc_wrapper_JTAConnection_weblogic_jdbc_wrapper_XAConnection_oracle_jdbc_driver_LogicalConnection_1211_WLStub cannot be cast to oracle.jdbc.OracleConnection","iconMessage":"Ext.MessageBox.ERROR","buttonMessage":"Ext.MessageBox.OK","msgTitle":"System Error!"}



      As i said,  all datasources in wl console seem to be configured properly with "Unwrapped Data Type Objects" option not selected. All others connection with db work correctly but there is a problem only with this particular class and only with the cluster configuration, in fact it works correctly on a single server configuration. In this case, the same problem appears if "Unwrapped Data Type Objects" option is selected.



      Maybe there is a problem with some wl configuration. Anyone can help us?