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    Schema Tab in iProcurement Catalog Administrator



      We have been using iProcurement in R12 since 5 years.

      Just realised that there is a schema tab in iProcurement Catalog Administrator.

      How does this help, what is the purpose of this ?


      There are subtabs like Upload, Base Descriptors, Item Categories , Category Heirarchy and Category Mapping.

      What are all these for ?

      Please point me to right resources, blogs, documents, videos etc on the subject.


      Many Thanks,


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          Kabeer Khan

          You may want to use the following resources to know more about the Schema tab (which refers to Catalog's Schema):



          Oracle iProcurement Implementation and Administration Guide, Release 12.2

          Part # E48969-01


          Page 3-5



          A catalog's schema refers to the structure and organization of the catalog. Schema consists of categories, descriptors, and category hierarchies. You can use online Schema maintenance in iProcurement Catalog Administration to manage schema online, or you can upload schema elements.

          1. Loading Schema
          2. Online Schema Maintenance

          Both of these maintenance functions are available from iProcurement Catalog Administration by clicking the Schema tab.


          Catalog Schema Components


          A category classifies items. There are three types of categories:

          • Purchasing Item categories
          • Shopping categories
          • Browsing categories


          A descriptor describes items or categories. Descriptors are of two types:

          • Category descriptors
          • Base descriptors

          Category Hierarchies

          The category hierarchy presents a hierarchical view of the catalog to requesters. Use the category hierarchy to view and create hierarchies of categories and to create browsing categories.

          For example, several item categories may be grouped under browsing categories as follows:

          Office Equipment, Accessories and Supplies < - browsing category

          Office Supplies < - browsing category

          Desk Furniture < - shopping category

          MZ451DESK < - item

          MZ882DESK < - item

          Calendars < - item category

          Writing Instruments < - browsing category

          Ball Point Pens < - shopping category

          PA453BIC < - item

          PA221ROL < - item


          You do not have to have the same number of levels in all categories. In the example above, Office Equipment, Accessories and Supplies contains multiple levels of categories. Writing Instruments contains just two levels (one browsing and one item category level).

          Creating a category hierarchy is optional. If you create one, requesters see the hierarchy when they browse categories in a store. If you do not create one, then requesters cannot browse categories for items. (They can still find items by searching, just not by browsing.) Some companies find it useful to enable requesters to browse categories, others may not.


          Hope this helps.



          Kabeer Khan