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    Category heirarchy not getting updated in the Schema tab



      We changed/modified our purchasing categories by using Purchasing super user.


      However in the iProcurement Catalog Administrator > schema > Category Heirarchy the changes are not reflected yet.

      It is showing the old categories.


      Which process needs to be followed to get the changes reflected here.


      Many Thanks,


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          Kabeer Khan

          You need to make sure that the changed Purchasing categories are also mapped to iProcurement Shopping categories. You may view this mapping using iProcurement Catalog Administrator. Unless this mapping exists you may not be able to see your purchasing categories updates in iProc Admin responsibility.


          To view the current Purchasing mapping:

          1. On the Category Mapping page, search for the Oracle Purchasing category for which you want to view the mapping.

          2. Once the category is listed, click the shopping category to which it is mapped.

          3. The resulting page displays all of the Oracle Purchasing categories that are mapped to that shopping category.


          System Profile Option

          Also check the value of System Profile Optopn "POR: Autocreate Shopping Category and Mapping". If it is set to Yes, then for any new Oracle Purchasing category, a shopping category and the corresponding mapping are automatically created. If the profile is No, then no shopping category and mapping are created. You can create them manually.


          Hope this helps.



          Kabeer Khan