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    Using bulbs with a background color for dashboard on manufacturing status type page


      Hi folks!

      I'm working on putting together a dashboard for manufacturing. They are wanting a label with a bulb. I have two questions, how to implement that and any other suggestions on design instead of bulbs?


      Here are the details. There are several top level measures and sub level measures. They are wanting to see something like this:


      Operating Plant O <- this would be a bulb with a background color and number inside.


      For instance, if the plant is operating at 90% capacity, it would have a green background with "90%" in the middle of the bulb. And if it was 80%, it would be yellow. And at 65%, it would have a red background.

      There are about 10 of these and each one has a handful of sub bulbs. So when the bulb is clicked, the other pane(frame) should then show the sub categories in bulb form too. And if the sub form is clicked, the records would show in a report under the two frame boxes.


      I'm running Apex 4.2.4 and looking for any examples of anyone that has seen this or implemented this. I believe this type of current snap shot doesn't lend itself to bar graphs, pie charts, line graphs, or scatters.


      Any suggestions on how to implement or any ideas on alternatives?