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    Thread Timing Statistics


      We are using weblogic 10.3 and we recently we have faced stuck thread issue in our application. I am new to analyzing thread dumps, but I found something interesting at the bottom of thread dump for two particular threads that are of interest to us. Details as follows:




      id               Cpu/ms   User/ms  Blk/ms  Wait/ms        #Blk     #Wait ECID

      id=86119 5180        5050       11081   241344153   584     486     004xcSxTLJY8tlH5Iv8Dyf0002w_000048

      id=153733 3680         3620        10253    184127           112      65        004xcSw4ufW8tlH5Iv8Dyf0002w_00003u


      I dont really know the meaning of the columns headers. For e.g., for first thread Wait/ms is 241344153. Does it mean this thread have been waiting for 241344153 milliseconds? Also does #Blk     #Wait mean that the thread has been in BLOCKED state and WAIT state that many no. of times? Any inputs or pointer to any documentation is greatly appreciated.