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    XMLFile parameter is not supported by Oracle APEX, please use setXMLFile() method instead

    Selvaraj Jeyachandran

      "XMLFile parameter is not supported by Oracle APEX, please use setXMLFile() method instead"


      I was creating a test web app in apex.oracle.com to try few things. I created a 2D Pie Chart in Flash in a webpage and it seems to render alright. But before rendering, I am getting the above error message appearing on chart region for 1-2 seconds.

      Can anynone tell me what the above error message means and  why i am getting this. I am not using any custom XML. Did not change any default settings of chart region.

      I could see the above error message appearing clearly since the apex.oralce.com is so slow..and chart region takes a while to load. Otherwise i couldn't have noticed it. Happens in both IE8 and Google chrome.


      Oralce Apex (https://apex.oracle.com)

      Google Chrome 34.0.01847.116

      Internet Explorer 8.0.6001.19518


      Can someone help please. I will try to get a test application setup dispalying this error message sometime sooner.


      I was using HTML5 charts in apex in my office workspace in my actual application. Most of my users are still using IE8. The HTML5 charts were all appearing fine in their IE8 browsers. One fine day, some settings must have changed by my network administrator or soemthing else might have happened. I have no clue. All my webapplication's HTML5 charts disappeared from IE8 users. IE9 users had no problem. I contacted our IT support staff about any security settings changes on that day or earlier. Absolutely no help to my frustration. I have to change my application's charts (only around 6 of them) to Flash charts to overcome this. That is the story behind why i am using Flash charts. If anyone experienced similar problem in IE8 HTML5 charts please shed some light to me..This problem could be totally unrelated to the "XMLFile paramter error message", but I am not sure.