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    OHS ReverseProxy Configurations

    Venkata Srikanth



      We are working on PeopleSoft-OAM Integration.

      As part of this we need to do some reverse proxy configurations in OHS.


      Following is the scenario:


      We got different virtual servers for each PeopleSoft modules (ep,elm,hrms,crm etc..) which are configured in F5 Load Balancer.

      Currently client is managing with apache servers which we want to replace with OHS. Each apache is mapped a specific weblogic server with apache-weblogic plugin.


      In the F5 LBR, each virtual server is mapped to the respective Apache servers, from which request is forwarded to the Weblogic servers with apache plugin.

      So right now we want to do a mapping of the Virtual Servers with Internal Weblogic Servers using OHS reverse proxy configurations.


      Please let us know if anyone has come across this scenario and has a solution.


      In simple terms, the request to ep.example.com (Virtual Server configured in F5 LBR) should be forwarded to intep.example.com (Weblogic server pool) via OHS in between.



      Thanks in advance.