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    Secure backup restore


      Hi Experts,


      I have a question related to oracle secure backup restore.


      Is that possible to restore only the incremental backup?


      My full backup is on Sunday, all other days am taking incr backup. I want to restore my data back on Wednesday. For the same, do i need to restore Full backup and incr on Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday ?


      Or is there is any other option to recover a file which is available in Wednesday incremental backup?


      Thanks and Regards


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          If the file was changed on the Wednesday then it would be included in the Wednesday incremental job, so if you were viewing "latest" and chose the file it would just restore that from the Wednesday backup job. It would only go back to the Full backup if the file hadn't changed so wasn't included in the incr.


          You can tell the view to be "as of date" and set it to "exclusive" so you'll only see the files included in that incr job.