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    External LDAP user authetication in weblogic

    Praveen Pasi-Oracle


      I am using weblogic 10.3.6 version.

      I have configured Oracle Internet Directory(OID) as an external LDAP Authenticator in weblogic-->security realms.

      For example,I have created two users user1 and user2 with some password  for each of them in OID.

      Now under Summary of Security Realms >myrealm >Users and Groups,I am to see users user1 and user2 correctly.

      Now  when I try to login to admin console(localhost:7001/console) with user1 and its valid password,weblogic is failing the authentication.


      Same thing I tried in weblogic 12c and I am able to login to weblogic with the user credentials from OID.


      What is that missing in weblogic 10.3.6 that is present in WL12c.


      Please advice.