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    Python / WLST Piping WLST Output

    Jens Krämer



      i got an "small" deploy script and want to channel/pipe die Output of WLST. (not of the whole script!)




      def adminServer(user, passwort, servername)
           print 'LOGGING [DEBUG] ---     connecting to admin server....'
           connect(user, passwort, servername, adminServerName='AdminServer')


      Now i dont want this output on the console:"

      LOGGING [DEBUG] ---     connecting to admin server....
      Connecting to t3://abc-xy2:11001 with userid weblogic ...
      Successfully connected to Admin Server "AdminServer" that belongs to domain "weblo

      I want to channel the output of the WLST command in an variable and just want to print it if an Error occurs.


      Does someone got an Solution for me, or is it impossible?