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    oracle 12c Database install using 12c Grid Cloud Control


      There must be a way to successfully install Grid Control 12c OMS into a 12c Database (non-container).


      Has anyone managed to work through the challenges of install Grid Control 12c Cloud Control using Oracle 12C Database as the OMS repository without using a Container Database?


      Thanks in Advance.


      I continue to work on getting this to work.  As I am surprised that it is not supported yet.  Though there must be a work-around!

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          Loc Nhan -Oracle

          Currently database version 12c is not supported to be used as an EM12c repository. Database version, however, is certified as an EM managed target.


          To access the Enterprise Manager certification matrix, follow these steps:

          1. Log in to My Oracle Support.
          2. Click the Certifications tab.
          3. On the Certifications page, in the Certification Search region, from the Product list, select one of the following:
            • Enterprise Manager Base Platform - OMS, to view the certification for OMS.

            • Enterprise Manager Base Platform - Agent, to view the certification for Management Agent.
          4. From the Release list, select, and click Search.


          - Loc

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            I have installed Database version on RHEL6 server then installed OEM12c on the same server without incident... in DBCA do not specify enable CDB then have the database up and running first then merely specify the connection information at the appropriate point in the OEM12c install, I took all  of the defaults including the SID=orcl when creating the database. 


            Even though it is not in the compatibility matrix...it does work.

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