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    Rich Text Editor size limit prohibits redirect (even when not saving)




      Browser:  IE9  (I know, I know...customer requirement)


      If I have more than 32K in my Rich Text Editor, clicking a tab to change pages results in a "webpage not found".


      I'm using AJAX to get around the 32K size limit of the 'rich text editor' and 'display only' elements.  (Setting and retrieving CLOB values in Apex | Andy's Blog: Application Express etc.)  Note: there are some typos and things that I had to change and I had to use a setTimeout and an application process in order to get things working the way I needed them to.


      Using this fix, I'm able to save 32, 64, 96K typed or pasted into the Rich Text Editor.  It is stored in my DB CLOB column and I can retrieve it and render it to a Display Only element on another page.


      The problem I'm having is on the page with the Rich Text Editor, if I have more than 32K in the editor and I click one of my tabs to leave the page, I get an "HTTP 400... The webpage cannot be found" error.  Mind you, I'm not saving anything, just trying to navigate away from the page.  Clicking my Cancel and Save buttons redirect just fine, but using the tab always results in this error *IF* there I have lots of data in the editor.  The tab/redirect works if there is a smaller amount of data in the editor.


      This isn't a show-stopper, but I'm curious to find out what's going on and see if there's a way to get around it.


      Thanks to anyone who has any ideas about this,