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    Installing Unit Test repository

    Cliff Mack


      Build MAIN-14.48

      Windows 7 64bit

      Oracle EE (same box)



      Getting an error when installing the unit repository that leaves SQLDev in a state where you can neither use it or delete (I wound up just dropping the UT_% tables).


      After the 2 roles are created, grants given, and synonym created, it must go into a DDL script which is where I get the error popup:


      Error occured whilst processing script: SQLException  (misspelling Oracle's not mine     ).


      This leaves my Unit Test view window (left pane) as:

      Unit Tests - TESTDB (Admin) (User)

        -- Not connected to a repository


      When I click on Tools ==> Unit Test ==> Deselect Current Repository

      it works


      but when trying to re-connect I get:

      No Repository was found on the selected connection.

      Would you like to create one now?

      Yes   No


      Of course, I select Yes


      Which is when I get

      Error occured whilst processing script:

      Error starting at line: 9 in command -



      you get the idea.... I'm stuck in this loop where I can't use it or really delete or recreate it which leads me to drop the tables and try again

      ..... which isn't working either.