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    Lock automatically a high level cell


      Hi all,

      We have 2 forms : The first one is intented to enter data at the level of the year. The second one to enter data at the level of the month.

      When entering data in the second form, if we want to keep the year amount inchanged we had to lock the cell manually. Is there any way to lock the cell automatically for the second form. So users can only spread the year value and do some adjustements to the months values.


      thank you for your help.

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          As you likely know, planning has the functionality when providing the YearTotal and the decendants on a data form, a change in the YearTotal will spread pro-rata in the months which are open for editing. Users could also enter data into the months which would change the YearTotal value.


          Your requirement is different, which can not be done with this functionality. You will need to make 2 different forms. One for the YearTotal data entry. Then you can either use the data form functionality described above or create a calc script to spread the value from YearTotal to the months.

          To support your functionality that users can modify the spread in the months without changing the YearTotal value needs a second data form and 2 different calc scripts. In this data form you block the input on YearTotal. The first calculation script runs when opening the data form. It will copy the YearTotal value to BegBal or into a different Version to store it. Then the user will do an input on let's say on Nov and Dec. When saving the data, the second script will be run. This will look at the new YearTotal value and compares it with the old. Then will do the spread in the forecast period. Then the sum equals the previous YearTotal. The disadvantage is that the data given for Nov and Dec will change in relation to what has been given in Oct, Sep. etc.

          If you want to preserve the exact entry of Nov and Dec, a different and more complicated approach is needed.



          Philip Hulsebosch.

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            Thank you for your help. I'll try this and get back to you.


            Thanks again.