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    FDM entity consolidation for different scenario


      Hi there,

      i am trying to consolidate the entities in HFM for an independent scenario (not tied in FDM).

      but i use that scenario for validation rule.



      i have 3 scenarios in HFM, all these scenario's are in sync with metadata

      1. ACTUAL
      2. ACTUAL_CP
      3. ACTUAL_DIF (this is difference between ACTUAL & ACTUAL_CP)

      i am loading data into ACTUAL through FDM.

      i pull data from ACTUAL_DIF into the check report for couple of accounts, based on entity classification (as FDM location has Multi-entities, but uique to that each locations).

      is there a way to Consolidate ACTUAL_DIF scenario through FDM for each location (respective entities) submission.


      with Regards