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    Locale Question


      EDQ-CDS guide states it provides below coverage. Does it include Poland?


      The international 'Latin script' dictionaries provide coverage of the following 'base' locales, amongst others: 

      •   United States and Canada
      •   United Kingdom
      •   France
      •   Germany
      •   Italy
      •   Spain
      •   Portugal
      •   Brazil
      •   Greece
      •   Ireland
      •   Austria
      •   Turkey
      •   South Africa
      •   Australia and New Zealand
      •   Scandinavia
      •   Argentina
      •   Mexico
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          Yes CDS will match Polish data. It does not include a dictionary of specific Polish name variants, though if you find one it would be possible to customize it. It does include various text manipulation techniques that support Polish and out of the box matching should be generally effective.