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    Oracle RAC 11gR2


      Dear Gurus,


      I am relatively new to RAC clusters and was hoping someone could help me out here... 


      We have an oracle RAC 11gr2 running on a 3 node cluster (all in an enclosure, Cluster interconnect running on infiniband switches ).

      We want to replace the running machines with new ones, also replacing the infiniband with passthrough switches. 

      My plan was as follows

           step 1 - shift the running cluster interconnect to ethernet interface and offload the infiniband switches

           step 2 - add the oracle software prepared new machines/nodes to the running cluster

           step 3 - remove the old machines from the cluster (deletenode script)

           step 4 - Install the passthrough switches and shift the cluster interconnect to passthrough interface.


      Is this plan ok? perhaps a better approach is also possible?


      I also have a couple of questions for RAC..

           1. Shifting the current cluster interconnect to local Interface...... I have total of 2 Ethernet ports per blade both in one bonded interface, the oracle public network is running here... Can I shift the cluster interconnect onto the same bonded interface? or am I required to have  a different Ethernet port?

           2. While preparing the new machines to add to the running cluster, Am I required to have the SAME GRID and DB version? Or only the same GRID version ?

                - current versions are for both grid and DB. Can I add machines to this cluster which have the same grid version ( but a newer db version ( ?






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          I'm not sure I fully understand your plan.  You just want to shift your existing RAC to new nodes?  Is dataguard a consideration?


          ie setup dataguard from existing to new.

          Activate standby.

          Test to ensure everything works okay.

          Once you're happy recreate the standby and activate for real. 

          Repoint all apps etc to this new database....this will have minimal downtime as well..


          1) Your public and private should be on separate ethernet ports.  So if you want bonded interface for your public then you will need an additional port for your private.

          2) No you are not required to have the same version of grid and database.  However you can not run databases with GI.  You can however run databases out of GI.  Generally speaking the GI version should be the highest version of your database but check this note for full compatibility options:


          Oracle Clusterware (CRS/GI) - ASM - Database Version Compatibility (Doc ID 337737.1)

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            Hi Freddie,


            Thanks for your answers..

            Regarding dataguard, that is a good option, but am I required to have a license to run dataguard?

            also if I consider the dataguard, Can I have have this possibility

            1. Orig setup - Grid, DB

            2. New Setup - Grid with DB or DB ?




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              You don't need a seperate option for dataguard.  If you are running Oracle Enterprise Edition then you can use the dataguard feature for free.



              Oracle Data Guard is available only as a feature of Oracle Database Enterprise Edition. It is not available with Oracle Database Standard Edition.

              I wouldn't have thought the version of GI would be relevant to dataguard.


              As long as you are running GI at and the db at you should be fine.  You can't have physical datagurd across different versions.



              The same release of Oracle Database Enterprise Edition must be installed on the primary database and all standby databases