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      Hi All,


      OS: RHEL 5

      DB :-


      Using DBCA configuration of db during DB installation getting error:-



      PRCR-1079: Failed start resource ora.rac.db

      ORA-01092: Oracle instance terminated. Disconnection forced

      ORA-00704: bootstrap process failure

      ORA-00704: bootstrap process failure

      ORA-00604: error occured at recursive SQL level 1

      ORA-01578: ORACLE data block corrupted(file # 1, block #337)

      ORA-01110: datafile 1:'+DATA/rac/datafile/system.256.845995921'

      Process ID: 1250

      Session ID: 1 Serial number:3


      CRS-2674:Start of 'ora.rac.db' on 'ol5-112-rac2' failed

      CRS-2632:There are no more servers to place resource 'ora.rac.db' on that would satisfy its placement policy


      Kindly advice over the same